Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey all!

Well, the wife was gone for the night, soooo... steak time.

Went to Fairway and picked up a two pounder... delicious, perfectly marbled... the kind of fat on the outside that burns up nice and just tastes delicious.  Just marinated in a touch of olive oil, some rosemary, some garlic, a bit of fresh pepper.  Then onto the grill, and salted after it was cooked.

Alongside it I made a HUGE salad (understand that the bowl I eat salad out of is the largest mixing bowl I own... I like a bigger bowl where I can mix it without losing anything) of fresh lettuce, cucumber, and red onion from the farmers market, some minced basil from my garden to give it that fresh taste, some croutons, and a minced up hard boiled egg.  I also got a nice fresh loaf of ciabatta, and toasted it on the grill, and then rubbed it down with some garlic and put some nice olive oil on top.

Overall, a real win of a meal!


DeanM said...

I must say, that looks great! Nice grill work. Dean

Kelly Armstrong said...

Looks like you had a dinner guest?

Author said...


I did indeed; a member of the 95th Rifles!:) He is actually there for scale:)