Monday, September 27, 2010

The Workbench

Hey all,

Well, before I hit the sack for the night, thought I would post two somewhat blurry photos of the latest projects...

First up... cowboys!  Yeah, my buddy decided to go "all in," and bought several hundred 15mm cowboy figures (and civilians, and animals, and indians, and soldiers, and...) and an entire town worth of buildings and giant mountains and hundreds and hundreds of trees and a railroad and teepees and buffalo and mining cabins and hitching posts and bar furniture and... yeah, all in:)  Anyway, he gave me five cowboys to paint (mounted and dismounted) so I got started!  A LOT more to go, but no time tonight:)

I also got started, last night, on another unit of Vikings.  Again, very WIP, and they never look good early on, but I am sure they will look fine eventually.


Matthew said...

Great looking table.

Is it a 4'x8' table?

Author said...

Hey man!

Unfortunately, no!:( I just don't have enough space for an eighter... it is, I think, 4.5 x 6.5

Thanks for coming by!