Saturday, September 25, 2010

More done on the 15mm ACW table

Hey all!

Well, got some more work done on the ACW table... flattened it out a bit by taking out a plateau, and that really helped solidify the fenceline.

I think, basically, I like where it is now.  Keep in mind I haven't flocked anything in yet, so the hill sticks out and the roads don't exist and there are areas that are plain felt, but overall...

A number of years ago a very good buddy and I came up with the idea of the "maturation process."  We discussed how, when a table is first set up, it doesn't look its best.  It takes a lot of looking at the table and moving things around, changing things, to get it looking its best.  I have found that it takes me more time than it takes him, as he has a much better "feel" for how human beings lay out their dwellings and fields... he is a serious reenactor, and he sees a lot more fields than I do!

So... I'll take a day or two moving things around, and then I'll flock the table!


Josiah Martin said...

Your table is always impressive and inspirational!

(Only in wargaming would this comment be socially acceptable between two grown men..)

Author said...


Any suggestions by any chance? I always love to have a second (and third) pair of eyes to look things over... sometimes I find myself placing fields in the middle of nowhere, or houses nowhere near a road, or some other random, unthinking bit... anything look like it could use tweaking in your eyes?

Author said...

Oh, and I love my table. A nice wooden one with a Formica top that looks like wood; it fooled my own father, who collects antiques and knows a thing or two about wood!:D

Of course, I do mean my dining room table. Because, of course, that is the only table socially acceptable for two men to discuss!:D