Friday, May 21, 2010

My first ever finished 28mm Napoleonic British


Dip arrived; dipped, varnished, and grassed, and they are done!

These are my first two 28mm Napoleonic British figures EVER. It is just funny I have painted so many toy soldiers, but never a Brit!

Obviously it is a pair of Perry figures, each with a very minor conversion. The Greenjacket has been given a bare officers head and his normal head was removed from the shako, which was then hollowed out and carefully inserted into his hand (which lost some fingers in the process to form the clenched fist look.

The Sergeant is a standard guy with a head swap from a Wargames Factory set of Danes I got at Fall In. I wanted to make him the grumpy veteran Irish sergeant, so went with a bit of rosacea from all the Irish spirits!

Overall I am very happy with how they turned out. It is funny, learning a new set of kit and the proper colors, but I think I did okay. The dip is dark, but I think it looks good... it is tricky, of course, with white pants (which need a light shade) and the red (which looks best with a dark) but I think the midground is fine.

Anyway... any suggestions, comments, critiques, or even "Good jobs!" you want to share, please do!:)

Huzzah! Long Live the Queen!


Baconfat said...

Lord Ashram,

I saw these TMP and just wanted to repeat my compliments. Sweet work, I'm going to steal your idea of head swapping.


Baconfat said...

Lord Ashram,

What rule system, if any, are you planning to use?

I've played Sharpes Practice and it's quite fun. Four or five hours of toy army man pushing goodness seem to go by in the flash of eye.

I've only read the Black Powder rules but they seem terrific as well.

Paint more.


Giles said...

Nice work, Lord A. Excellent idea with the head swap.

Best wishes


General Staff said...

looks great