Saturday, May 8, 2010

Latest Update on the 28mm ACW figures...

Hey all!

Ahh! Unfortunately the game got canceled due to unforseen circumstances! Booo!
However, I still got some painting in last night, so here is what I've got!

AMAZINGLY, these are my FIRST EVER 28mm Confederates! Yep, 20 years of painting ACW figures, and I've never done 28mm Rebs before. I think they look good so far... however, I am out of my regular dip, so fooled around with a lighter shade... and promptly decided I'd wait for the darker shade... should be about a week from Neal and Joe over at the WarStore, as I special ordered a figure as well that might take a while to come in. Anyway, hence the shiny nature of a few guys, and the lack of a final silver highlight and eyeballs.

Now, I was wondering if I should take these six Rebs and just do another group and get my first unit done, but I figured I'd stick with the officers... that way when the game is finally played I can contribute these troops.
Anyway... I think these guys are about done for now (at least until the dip comes in) so... there you go!

Next up... either my purchase from the WarStore, or a story about a closing hobby shop.

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