Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why I Love Neal from the War Store (My Latest Purchases!)

Hey all!

I first email Neal from The War Store asking if I can special order a single Wargames Foundry figure from him, thus saving me an INSANE shipping fee. Sure, no problem.

Then I ask if I can add a few other things (glue, vanish) to the order, after it has already gone through. Sure, no problem.

Then I ask if I can add a few MORE things (flock, spray undercoat, dip) to the order, after it has already been changed once. Sure, no problem.

And how long does it take to get here once he ships it? One day.

THAT is why I love Neal:)

Overall I picked up a box of armored Vikings from the Wargames Factory, four things of Gale Force 9 flock, some plastic glue, and some dip, matte varnish, and black spray from Army Painter. I am still waiting on the Foundry figure, but Neal warned that might take a short bit, so he would send along the rest of the order ahead. Good times! I'll dip the two Napoleonic British tonight and varnish them tomorrow and see how they look!


The Lord of Excess said...

Neal is the king ... I have had so many awesome customer service experience with The Warstore over the years as have most of my gaming friends.

Greg Sapara said...

Neal is tops in my book - always responsive and FAST. I can't believe how quickly some items have arrived at my doorstep!

Author said...

Yeah, I have often wondered how his shipping is SO fast and so cheap... not that I am complaining!:)

Great place to buy toy soldiers, and good chap to work with.