Monday, May 31, 2010

Base clothing colors put on the Vikings

Hey all!

Got the base clothing and armor colors down on my Vikings!

For these guys I am going largely with browns, greys, linen, and a little bit of green... I like a nice, muted tone for these sorts of projects. However, when I do my big boss (and, if I do a bodyguard for him, when I do them...) I will likely do him in slightly brighter colors, to represent the money he would have.

Overall I think they look pretty neat... I am happy with most of the poses (especially the two bezerkers and a few others) and I think that once I finish these guys they will look REALLY really sharp.

As I said with the British, I am amazed how quickly smaller groups of guys paint up, and guys without seventeen belts crisscrossing all over them paint even quicker!

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