Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Perry British Napoleonics!

Hey all!

Well, I've had a box of Perry British sitting around for some time... they came as a bonus when I got a subscription to Wargames Illustrated from my inlaws.

So, I figured that with the Wargames Factory Vikings on the way, I should get a bit of experience with plastics, since it has been a LONG time since I worked with them!

Above are the four Greenjackets that came with the box... I figured they would be a good place to start, since they are fairly simple... not a lot you can do! I tried to focus on the heads, making sure that they were looking in the best direction, and hopefully adding a bit of life to the figures. I did do a slightly conversion on one chap, having him holding his shako... I figure that I can paint him with some bright blond locks and it will look fairly sharp against the green.

I also have done up two officers... one is a fairly stiff chap, the other, a veteran sergeant, with a bushy moustache and a bald head... clearly a big, beefy fellow you would NOT want to mess with, especially not when he is holding a bit nasty pike! The head is from Wargames Factory and BIT oversized, but I think once it is painted it will look just fine.

Anyway... I might work on a few more, but that is what I have so far!


sirlarkins said...

I wouldn't worry about the big head--clearly he just has a huge Irish melon like me. ;)

Those are all great figures. I want to reach through the screen and start painting them myself (and I'm not even all that into Napoleonics!). I'd give the sergeant big ol' gin blossoms on his nose and cheeks...

Gunfreak said...

"fairly sharp against the green"

ho ho I get it: fairly "sharpe" against the green.

Get it?

John said...

I am looking forward to seeing these chaps painted up. I am still a die hard 15mm fan, so for the time being I will just look in amazement, but I think this scale is growing in popularity.