Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Most Recent Purchases

Howdy all!

As I mentioned earlier, I did go ahead and make a small purchase from Neal over at The War Store (they have EVERYTHING) so I thought I would share!

First up; Vikings! Yeah yeah, I know... I have almost NOTHING sword and shield here, what's up with that? Well, I've always loved vikings, and in particular one viking figure, and I finally decided it was time to spring for them... maybe work up some modifications to the GW LOTR rules to do a little skirmish with them.

Anyway, the set that pushed me to purchase them was the new Wargames Factory armored huscarls... they are really nice looking figures, and cheap, sooo...

And then I also picked up the figure that has been my favorite viking since the day he was released; Miniatures Foundry Gundrek:) I LOVE this figure... such a big, tough looking SOB, and I love the nod to Odin sitting on his shoulder. I cannot WAIT to paint him; simply cannot wait, and I plan to really go a bit berserk (hah!) with his basing!

So! That is part 1 of the purchase. I also got some unarmored Celts (I believe) at Fall In this year, which originally I had no use for (they were going to get their arms donated to an ACW surgeon) but now I think I'll actually use them as beserkers... unarmored, covered in warpaint... it will give me just enough interesting diversity, I think, in my tiny warband!

I did pick up a few more things from Neal... I needed a can of dip, so I got a think of the medium shade from Army Painter. I needed some grass, so picked up four tubs of the Gale Force 9 green... I pray to GOD that it will match the Games Workshop green. Does anyone know how well they match? I also picked up some plastic glue, to put the vikings together.

Anyway... good times! Can't wait for it all to get here... I haven't bought anything toy soldier in a long time!


Gunfreak said...

Beeing Norwegian, I own the rights to all things viking, so you owe me sevral hundred pennies.
Unless ofcourse they are danish vikings, in which case I don't own the rights to them.

By the way they look fantastic, you could realy make money on painting stuff like that.
How did you find painting those type of figures compeard to the complicated napoleoinc uniforms?

sirlarkins said...

Vikings! That's definitely a gaping hole in my collection. They've been especially on my mind since watching a trailer for this little indie/student film:

I'm glad Vikings are finally getting broken out of the horned helmet/Brunhilda stereotypes.

Author said...

Hey guys,

Gun, I didn't paint those guys, they are from the Wargames Factory website. We'll see how they paint up when I get them in a week or so... but I've been doing some ACW figures who are not too involved, uniform-wise, so I can't imagine it will be TOO too different. The shields might be tricky, but...

MiniWargamer said...

I was told by the owner of GF9 that the GF9 flock came from the same source as the GW flock so I think they will match up well. I have used both and can't tell a difference.

Author said...

Ah! That is very good to know... thank you!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Vikings are my favorite army in history and so I can well understand your desire to collect them!
I've owned a Wargames Foundry Viking army for many years and the sculpts are still the best in my opinion.
Welcome to pillaging,raiding ....err that is friendly trading and adventure!Don't let the seats on your longship get cold and start your Viking life!:-)