Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Emergency Painting Session


While I do not get the chance to game very often, as I don't really have a group of friends who happen to be gamers, I AM lucky enough to have been allowed to play a few games with the North Jersey Miniature Gaming Society, who are nice enough to let me come along a few times a year to game (and even once to paint!) They are a very nice group of chaps who have known each other a long time, which does make me very much an outsider, but still, it is nice to know a few gaming chaps.

So, talk got around to a playtest of Sam Mustafa's newest game system, and some 28mm ACW generals were needed. Stupid me, I said "Sure, I can paint some up!" in the day and a half before the game. Yep; the guy who hasn't painted A SINGLE FIGURE IN SIX MONTHS said "Sure, no prob."

Yeah. Well, here goes nothing.

I went into my Sash and Saber collection that I purchased a year or so ago and pulled all of my officers. I have to paint a Federal Commander on horseback and three infantrymen, and two confederate officers on horseback and six infantrymen... 9 infantry, and 3 cav... I can do that, right?

Right now they are in the basement with the first half of the undercoat drying... in a short bit I'll do the rest, and hopefully get somewhere tonight!

I'll post pictures as I go:)

Thanks all for sticking around through an AWFUL quiet period!

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