Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two new Brits finished

Hey all,

Got another two guys done; it is fun to only paint a few at a time!:)

I must say, the Perry Brits paint up FAST... they are very cleanly molded, and there simply isn't much to them! White pants and belts and all of that, a smidge of red, flesh, gun, pack, and they are done. I am honestly enjoying painting them, partially because of the relative ease of painting, and partially because I am only doing a few at a time...

I want to get a few more done (I think I'll tackle the other greenjackets soon) and then I'll put together a few Vikings for fun:) I dipped my first 28mm Confederates as well, and will base them up when they are done too... maybe tonight, if Lost doesn't get in the way.

I think the head swap does look fine now that they are painted... I was a bit worried that the Sergeant had a HUGE melon. Yes, it still looks a touch large, but overall I think it blends in fine.

This is very different, this whole "doing a few figures for fun" instead of "Must... complete... unit..." So far, so good:)


Gunfreak said...

Now these I like, wasn't sure about the sergant, but these are splendind, you realy have a steady hand, clear vibrant colors, what base color do you use under the red?

I'm still not sold in the dip tho, I like your russians and french with out the dip better.
But the paint job on these are just fantastic, one of the best plastic paint jobs I've seen

Author said...

Thanks for the kind words, Gun! The red is just a basic GW red... I don't remember the name of it... I do think the dip turned out good, although I really could have done better managing it... you can't truthfully just let it sit, because sometimes it sits in spots that gravity likes but shadow wouldn't necessarily... still, the next few will look good:)