Sunday, May 30, 2010

My first ever 28mm Vikings!

Hey all!

Well, I finally got the first few of my 28mm Vikings together!

They are plastics from Wargames Factory... 24 armored Vikings. Overall they are pretty nice figures; nicely realistic, and with good faces and ability to equip as you want. I do wish the sculpts were a bit more natural and flowing... after putting together the Perrys, which are pretty carefully considered, these guys are a bit tough to fit together in a natural, flowing, human way.

I have done ten guys so far. I will have 3 troops of 8 Vikings; this is one done so far. Also I have some unarmored Celts from Fall In this year that I am making into bezerkers, so I'll have three or four of those, and then my big boss from Foundry.

So far I have one guy armed with a bow, and another with a big two handed axe. I put a bow on the back of another guy as well. The two bezerkers are armed with axes; one even has two! I am keeping all of the armored vikings with helmets on... the non-helmet heads will be reserved, I think, for the bezerkers, to help really set them apart.

Good stuff.


CWT said...

Very good stuff, and I am also very taken with plastic figures which (thankfully) nowadays seem to be the big thing.

Your assembly also looks very good, so the extra effort required for the non-Perry figures has paid off!


Author said...

Thanks for the kind comments...and yes, aren't the plastics great? Cheap, and fun to make (as long as you don't have to make many...)

Dan said...

Did those bases come with the figures or did you get them from somewhere else?

Author said...


The bases are GW circular bases I had left over from some LOTR figures I didn't use:)