Sunday, June 28, 2015

A tour of the new House of War

Hey all!

Well, I thought I would FINALLY share some photos of the new war-games room!

As I mentioned, we moved in a little over a month ago, and I knew that the downstairs would be my new war room.  It was really roomy, had GREAT lighting, and would be perfect!

I built two 6x4 tables (although they ended up not coming together as perfectly as I would have liked, thanks to some warped wood and everything being on carpet)... I wanted to be able to have one table as a long-term table for stuff like Napoleonics, but also have a table for more regularly-played games, like X-Wing and Armada.

In the above photo you can see my painting station on the left, flanked by two cabinets of troops.  The cabinets have some of my antiques on the tops.  Two more cabinets are on the right-hand side of the room, along with a bookshelf.  Of course you can see several prints and a scattering of weapons hanging around too.

Here is a view from the far corner in the above shot.  You can see the stairs that come down (which actually have a nice glass door at the top.)  You can also see where the big comfy couch is (it is a fold out, so this room can be a guest room if need be) and where my big TV with my Xbox One is.  Of course, you can see the other weapons and displays too!

Here is another shot of the end of the room, with the two band zouave rifle hanging front and center.

Here are two of the figure display cases at that end of the room, with some books up top (as well as a couple of my smaller displays... namely Harry Potter and Zero Dark Thirty).

Here is the book shelf, with one of my packs inside.  The lighting is just from ikea, and hooks into the lighting for the display cases.  Inside are a bunch of war DVDs and all of my Wargames Illustrated.  The top shelf of this case will be for my son's figures.

Here is the TV/couch end of the room.  The four swords are all originals.  The photos are by my father!  It is a lot of fun to sit here and play Xbox, and to be able to look left and at the war-games room of my dreams:)

Here is my painting station, suitably busy!  A bunch of Armada stuff is on there now...

One nice thing about the tables is that they were built to go end-to-end.  Now, I have one set up for Armada, so they don't look right, but I thought I would put them together just to give a sense of how big they will look... as 12x4 table, when all is said and done.

And here is a shot from the end of the table.  It is crazy how much room there is still with the tables combined... there is a solid six feet at the end from which I'm taking the photo, and on the other side it doesn't even interfere with the TV and couch!

So!  That is the new House of War!  I hope everyone enjoyed the photos... and if you are in Northern NJ, shoot me a message and maybe we can get a game in!:D


Phyllion said...

Simply: Wow!

David Larkins said...

Gorgeous! I'm just moving into a place right now that's going to have its own dedicated game room, and you're giving me some good ideas. :)

Tony said...

That is a gaming room to make every gamer very jealous. It looks the dogs.....

Thank you for posting the images.


Mikko Asikainen said...

Exquisite. That must have cost a lot of brownie points ;)

Michael Mills said...

It's like a gamer's dream come to life!

Steve J. said...

What fantastic space! Very jealous indeed.

Giles said...

As others said...WOW! That looks the total business, Lord A. Lots of space and light, and weapons with which to threaten any rules lawyers you're playing against. Very envious.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Yep, that's probably as close as anyone can get to living the dream in wargaming terms. Colour me green. :-)

Tim Viva said...

Fantastic room! I get a large potion of my basement for gaming, but you have one nice set up.

I am down in Jackson, NJ...where are you up North?


Lasgunpacker said...

Wow! Seriously great room.

Can the tables fit together the other way to make a 6x8' table? Could be useful for certain types of games (provided anyone can reach the middle!)

Author said...

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for coming by, and for taking the time to comment! Each one makes my day:)

Dave, steal what you can... Just be sure to share when you are done!:)

Tim, I am in Waldwick. A ways north, I think? But always looking for fellow gamers!:)

Giles, the claymore is for the rules lawyers... I find it is so threatening that there are seldom complaints.

Thanks guys!

Kealios Achilles-Fang said...

So awesome! Congrats! However, since I am obsessed with wheat fields, what product are you using for those? They look great!

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Very nice setup. I saw that the Claymore is positionned as recommended by Feng Shui ;-)
If you need a partner on Xbox One who also love miniatures wargaming, feel free to add "Ulu ELS0M4L13N".