Sunday, June 14, 2015

Some painted Star Wars Armada Y-Wings and A-Wings

Hey all!

Well, like a lot of folks, I look at the unpainted squadrons that come with Armada and see a wealth  of possibilities!  Now, the ships are AWFUL small, but still... they are fun to paint, because they are Star Wars... and because, you know, they are AWFUL small!:)

So here are the first few finished... the A-Wings and Y-Wings!

Next time I'll post some of the Imperials... I finished Vader, the bombers, and the TIE Interceptors... decked out as Royal Guard Interceptors!


Charlie said...

Very nice, how did you go about painting them?

WarRaptor said...

Those are great! I didnt realize they come unpainted! I might have to check them out!

Phyllion said...

These look awesome. How did you clean/prime them? Does the paint grip well?