Sunday, June 14, 2015

The House of War: Shelf #1


Hi all!

Well, it has been a busy time for me!  Moving, a new kid, the end of a work year... but thankfully I have finally gotten my new war room all set up!  Thanks to the help of a buddy (and some kind donations from him) and of course for years of great gifts from friends and family... as well as many years of painting toy soldiers... it has all come together!

So over the next few weeks I'll share some photos.  First up?  The first cabinet of toy soldiers!

The cabinets are Detolf cabinets from Ikea, with shelves added (thanks, AesSedai!)  They really work nicely.  The only issue is that packed-together soldiers block the light from hitting the bottom few shelves effectively... but honestly the room is so well-lit it doesn't matter.

So, here it is!

All of the Shelf #1s have the tallest figures I own.  This one has a sampling from my X-Wing collection (including a Royal Guard Interceptor I converted and painted.)  It also has the commander for my old Warhammer army, my Empire General on Griffon.  In the back right I have my little Deadwood diorama that I did.  In the front row are my Space Wolf terminators, and then my growing collection of zombie survivors!

Next shelf is PURE WWII Flames of War Germans.  I made a LOT of sandbags for this collection!:)

The next shelf is another mixed bag... my Fellowship of the Ring and some assorted 28mm Confederate command stands (painted for a game that they weren't actually needed for!).  Then, in the back, I have my small group of 28mm ACW Federals and then a random standard bearer I made when I was a little kid... I figure a throwback or two doesn't hurt!:)

The next three shelves are pure 10mm Napoleonics.  First up?  The Old Guard!

I simply don't have enough shelf space for all the 10mm Napoleonics... a lot of them are still in boxes.  I only had one shelf to really put out 10mm French Infantry... so I decided to do a 1:1 French Battalion!

And finally, here is some of the 10mm Napoleonic French cavalry, ready to run some enemies down!

So!  That is cabinet #1  I'll have more photos tonight, including hopefully of the workbench, where I've just finished some Star Wars Armada ships and started in on another batch of Vikings!

Thanks for coming by!

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NW Crew said...

Love that 10mm Napoleonic collection of yours. /Mattias