Saturday, June 20, 2015

The House of War: Shelf #2

Hi all!

Well, I thought I would finally get the second shelf up!

This is the shelf to the left of my painting station.  Like the other one, I've added some shelves to it, and frankly I have a feeling I'll be adding one at the bottom soon enough.

Here is shelf #1... my 15mm moderns.  From left to right, vehicles, you see my wrecked humvee objective, a hummer, a stryker, my m1a1, and another humvee.  As far as infantry it is the civilian contractors, my main group of infantry, and my specops guys, with the EOD team at the front.

On the second shelf is my Longstreet campaign army!  This force was not just for gaming, but also a bit of modeling and toy soldiering... as outlined in previous posts, as the campaign wore on I repainted uniforms, added dead to represent battle casualties, battered up the flags... all of it, to show the passage of time and friction of war.  This group has a lot of history, so they get a good spot on the shelf!

The next three shelves are 10mm Napoleonics.  This one is a huge chunk of British infantry, with rifles skirmishing out front, and the Brunswickers at the rear.

Here are more 10mm Napoleonic British... some artillery, some cavalry, some infantry, some allied infantry, and my square objective, front and center!

These are primarily my British allies... I believe they are older Prussians, but honestly I use them as Spanish more often... the Spanish uniforms were pretty varied and colorful, and I don't know a huge difference, so it works for me!  Of course there is a smattering of cavalry and artillery in here too.

And finally, here are some of my 15mm ACW.  Now, most of this collection is on the table, so this shelf is a bit sparse... plus, with the white bottom, it photographs pretty poorly:)  I'll see about getting a better photo of the shelf soon.

Thanks everyone for coming by for a peek!

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