Friday, June 19, 2015

Star Wars Armada: Royal Guard Interceptors and B-Wings

Hi all!

Well, here are the last of my painted Armada squadrons!

First up was two squadrons of interceptors.  I decided to paint them as Royal Guard Interceptors, so that they would stand out a little more in the grey mass of TIE fighters, TIE Advanceds, and TIE bombers.  They look pretty mean, I think.

Then, here come the B-Wings!  These slow, beastial bombers are absolutely excellent in the game, and bosses in X-Wing, so I wanted to make sure they looked good!  Here they are... Blue Squadron, and Red Squadron, as you can tell from the striping and the dots on the wings.


Greg Sapara said...

Your recent Armada painting endeavors are the nicest looking I've yet seen! Well done!

Iain b said...

Love the fighters. The trick is to avoid over complication the paint job so that they blend in with the capital ships. You've kept it nice and simple! I went the same route for one of my Interceptor squadrons: a simple dusty red with a black wash, and a dot of 'star destroyer engine blue' at the back! Your rebel units are bang on too. Really nice work.

Author said...

Thanks so much, guys! Yeah, simple does work really, really well for these tiny little ships!:)

Thanks for coming by, and leaving a comment too!:D