Friday, June 26, 2015

Absolutely SHAMEFUL... Or at least, it *was*

EDIT:   Thankfully Apple has restored the game to the App Store!  I am glad there is SOME reason in this world!

This story is absolutely shameful.

For those not in the United States, the issue of the "Confederate" flag is being discussed.  After a mass murder in Charleston, SC, in which a white supremest slaughtered nine African Americans in their church, and after countless photos of this murderer waving the Confederate flag (really the battle flag of the ANV) were found, a wave of anti-flag sentiment spread.  The Confederate flag has been flying, in one form or another, over a great number of Southern government buildings, and thankfully now it seems that might be changed.  I, for one, welcome that change, as not only is it the battle flag of a traitor nation responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, but it subsequently became a primary symbol of a great number of hate groups in our nation.  It has no place, in my opinion, flying over government buildings.

But now?  We've gone WAY too far.

Apple has removed ALL apps from their store that have any imagery of the Confederate flag.  That includes games like Ultimate General: Gettysburg, a fantastic game I talked about in a previous post. Apparently this is because of the flag, which is properly featured in the game.

I am absolutely STUNNED by this.  The idea that a historically appropriate flag is suddenly not allowed to be displayed in appropriate settings is just sickening.  What's next... all the WWII games will have to go, because they have Nazi imagery in them?

This is just one of the more ridiculous things I've seen.  People should let Apple know that they are being absolute idiots, and that such over-the-top, senseless censorship should not continue.


Greg Sapara said...

I agree with you completely.

MiniWargamer said...

I wish there was a like button here. I couldn't agree more....

Anonymous said...

I can sympathise, but at least they haven't gone as far as making it illegal to display the flag at all, as is the case with any Nazi-related symbolism in Germany and some other countries.

While I have no objection to that in general (why would any sensible person object?), when it comes down to not displaying it on model aircraft and vehicles in their 'historical context', then perhaps there is an argument, especially when the symbolism is replaced by something 'almost Nazi'.

It sounds like a knee-jerk reaction by Apple to pre-empt bad publicity when someone eventually makes a point about it... and such is the way of things that someone probably will. We live in a world of instant outrage and for prominent companies, better to upset the silent majority than the vocal minority, who always have room on their bandwagon.

It is wrong, but there is a long list of things that are also wrong...

Ray Rousell said...

What a ridiculous decision?

Mikko Asikainen said... also removed all confederate-related items off their store, including wargames. Later on, at least some of them have returned.