Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Some "Aurelian" photos

Hi all!

Well, in a little something new for this blog... I thought I'd share just a few photos of some Romans!

I have the fortune of knowing Sam Mustafa, who has been writing wargames rules for a long time.  He lives near me, and I've had a chance to get a little involved in testing out some of his games from time to time.  Recently he has been working on something very new for him; a trip out of the era of gunpowder and into the era of pilum!  "Aurelian" is his upcoming ancients game, and I must say... as someone who has never had an interest in ancients, I've enjoyed the HELL ouf of the game (even though I've lost an awful lot!)  There are cards involved, as with a few of Sam's other games, but as always I feel like they bring a lot of flavor to the game... having your Romans standing firm and hurling pilum as barbarian hordes stream towards you is great fun.  And the campaign looks like another ABSOLUTE winner, which would be expected after seeing how great Longstreet and Blucher handle those sorts of things.

So I took only a few photos of our most recent game (several didn't come out for some reason) and thought I would share!  This was a game versus some Persians... we used our cavalry to hold our flanks, and a HUGE long line of heavily armored legions to do the dirty work.

You can see one of our objectives here... a wonderful mill wheel.  Those Persians won't get our bread!

It ended up being a pretty good game.  The Persians had a lot of horse, and we did not, so it made for a really interesting conflict... in the end both armies had been ground down and were completely exhausted.  It was as close a game as any I've ever played.  Personally I think DJ took it easy on us:)

Anyway... thought I would share a bit!

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