Sunday, June 21, 2015

Some new 28mm Vikings finished

Amazing what a shelf with space will do!

I painted up my first few units of vikings some time ago.  But then I stalled on them, on black powder came back to the forefront.

But now, with a shelf with plenty of room, and an amazing viking ship given to me by my buddy (more on that in its own post later) I got the urge to finish up some more units of vikings!

So here is the latest... a unit of eight warriors.  Pretty heavily armed and armored, and, like with my other unit, with a single bow-armed scout.

Here is the back rank.

I AM going to make a change, though.  Originally I was going to have a single bow-armed warrior in each war band, as a scout of sorts, but I think I am going to do a full unit of them... well, a unit of four.  That way the force has some sort of mirrored structure... two units of eight regular infantry, and two "specialist" units with four... one berserker, and one archer.

I am also going to paint up two objective markers... I'll share those soon.

Thanks for looking!


Pierre le Poilu said...

I like those, very good.

Simon Quinton said...

They look lovely great job! Great pics especially with that impressive ship in the background.

Steve J. said...

Some great painting and poses there, plus i really love the Chieftain chap with the raven on his shoulder:)

Author said...

Thanks guys! Yeah, the chieftain is a fantastic figure from Foundry... one I ALWAYS wanted to paint. The boat is pretty excellent, and was a gift from a buddy... it has a few details that you cannot see from the photo involving rare earth magnets, but I'll give it its own post soon.