Friday, July 3, 2015

Some photos from an Armada game

Hey all!

Well, had a friend by for a game of Armada a few nights ago... thought I would share some photos!  Unfortunately in the heat of the action I missed a LOT, but what can you do:)

I don't remember the exact forces.  I had an Assault Frigate B with the Gallant Haven title (never even got used)... a Corvette A with enhanced armaments, a single Nebulon B, three Y-Wings, Dutch Vander, Tycho, and three X-Wings.  He took a Victory II, a pretty decked out Gladiator (with Advanced Armaments and Expanded Launchers)... Vader, four or so TIE fighters, a pair of TIE Interceptors, and a pair of TIE bombers.

Here is the initial set-up.  I was going to try to use the Corvette to get around and harass them... little did I know how maneuverable that damn Gladiator was!

Here we are a turn in.

Tycho went right after one of the Interceptors... it took him a few rounds to knock the TIEs down.

Here is the Assault Frigate, chugging forward, surrounded by a cloud of Y-Wings...

All of which have their eyes set on the Victory II!

The Star Destroyer and the Assault Frigate began to pound on each other, shields dropping like flies.

Meanwhile, on the left flank, the Corvette picked up speed, but the rebel squadrons looked to be in bad shape...

The Assault Frigate and the Star Destroyer continued beating the piss out of each other...

Meanwhile the 'Vette got behind the Gladiator... but I realized a little too late that I was going WAY too fast... speed 4 would cause me to overshoot the slower moving imperial ship!  I started to dump power from the engines, but it still looked bad...

The Nebulon B survived sitting directly in front of the Victory for a turn and then blasted past, but two TIE bombers ensured that it wouldn't get far...

The Y-Wings close in for the kill...

And Dutch Vander eventually shoots the shot that ends the massive Imperial ship!

Meanwhile the Neb B goes down in flames as the Gladiator gets some fire on it.

The swarm of Y-Wings line up for an attack on the Gladiator, but the Imperial ship suddenly accelerates, and actually manages to get PAST the Y-Wings without taking too much damage... and leaving the Y-Wings at the mercy of the imperial squadrons...

The imperials wreck the rebels... the Y-Wings can take some punishment, but engaged and unable to get away they didn't have much of a chance.

The Assault Frigate, which managed to get around to unleash flank fire onto the Gladiator, wasn't able to end the Imperial ship.  And again the rebel commander (me!) underestimates the imperial ship's turning radius, and the Gladiator is able to absolutely rip the Assault Frigate in half, using both the front and side arcs to fire!

So that was it!  The Gladiator in particular just seems impossible to handle... relatively fast, GREAT turn radius, and SOOO much damage... I don't understand how to stay away from it!:)  But it was a fun game!


Furt said...

Bit late to the party Lord Ashram - but that is a great looking Armada setup you have there. Can you tell me are those game mats custom made or bought? Also did you prime/undercoat your rebel squadrons before painting? Your squadrons are some of the nicest I've seen!


Author said...

Thanks for the kind words!

I do undercoat... Imperials black, rebels white... Gives a nice base color, and lessens the work time for the imperials especially.

As for the table, I made them... I didn't realize I hadn't posted about that yet! I'll post a little "how to" about them. Grand total of five minutes of work, not counting drying time.