Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Started in on the son's collection!

Hey all!

Okay, the son's first collection is underway!

Now, I did make some changes to the original idea.  First, I went with Trident Miniatures instead of Sash and Saber.  While I hate doing that to a fellow Duke guy, and given that I love Sash and Saber so much, I ran into two issues.  The smaller one was cost; doing such a small collection (or should I say light on infantry compared to command) S&S was going to be a solid 60 bucks more.  More importantly, though, I really settled on the idea that a kid probably wants their toy soldiers shooting instead of marching.  Sounds silly, but I know that as a kid I liked the shooting poses a lot more than the marching ones.  When he gets older he can get those.

So... the numbers and all of that are staying the same as the last post.  Above is the unit of British regulars, all based up.  Since I took that picture I've gotten one guy fully painted, as a test... I'll post him later.  But the 40mms are HUGE compared to 28s, and paint up SO much quick... it seems like a fun project!

I'll have more later!:)  Got to finish this collection by Christmas!

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Stu Rat said...

If your target date is Christmas, shouldn't you get at least some Hessians?