Saturday, April 16, 2011

WOW! LOTS of Perry plastics on the way!

Holy cow!

Just checked out the latest Perry plastics that are in the pipe... and WOW!

My favorite of the bunch is that we are FINALLY getting some AWI plastics!  Oh BOY... I can't wait for these!  I will definitely have to put together a few units:)

They also have a TON of plastic Napoleonics, including Austrians, Rusians, and Prussians... CRAZY!  You can actually do a HUGE number of Napoleonics armies out of primarily Perry plastics.  Awesome.

And of course they have some ACW on the way in the form of some charging Rebs.

Overall, an AWESOME set of plastics on the way.

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Gunfreak said...

Man those AWI plastics look tempting, and I had just orderd lots of metal AWI to, damn had I waited 6 months I could have saved a billion pounds