Saturday, April 30, 2011

RISK night!

Hey all!

Had a good night last night... went over to a friend's house, and after a good dinner of pasta with some GREAT homemade tomato sauce and garlic bread, we played some Risk!  Now, three of the five people had never played before, so it took a while to get up to speed, but still... a very good time!  One player ended up taking Australia and working on Asia... another took Africa and worked on Europe... another took South America and got a bit stuck... the fourth got stuck in Europe, assailed from all sides... and I took North America and buffed up my borders!  We never got a winner, but...  we also didn't get to use my cards that I made for the game (you get one per turn and save them up, and they give all sorts of bonuses!) but it was a good time.

Also on the subject of RISK, check out this AWESOME project I found on Coolminiornot.  A guy named James Travers made, for his fathers 50th birthday, a Zulu-themed Risk game.  It is METICULOUS... he made sure that the "continents" had the same number of territories, and even that they have the same number of connections to other lands... really detailed work.  The forces are made using miniatures, and he used photoshop to make a lot of great pieces.  Go on over to Coolmini and give it a look!

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