Thursday, April 14, 2011

Need advice from Warhammer 40k Players please!

Hey all!

Well, the Wolf Guard got here today, and I've got to start assembling them.  But I did want to ask... any 40k players (especially Space Marine players) want to give some suggestions for the most common or popular load-out for five of these fellows?

I found this list over at From The Fang:

1 Terminator w/ combi-plasma & chainfist
2 Terminators w/ combi-melta & wolf claw
1 Terminator w/ storm shield & wolf claw
1 Terminator w/ cyclone missile launcher, storm bolter & power weapon

Sound reasonable?  I would probably replace the combis with storm bolters because I don't relaly want to do conversions, but...

Or should I say "Forget this!" and just go with what LOOKS badass?  You know... maybe a thunder hammer and shield, an assault cannon, a pair of storm bolter/power fist guys, and a guy with claws?



catweasel said...

the space wolves blog probably has some interesting stuff as well remember they may be broken up as a unit to bolster other units ie the cyclone termie to long fangs. it's also got the start of a SW comic called wolf and sister.

adeptgamer said...

I encourage you to throw out all tactical consideration and approach the "looks badass" style. I find that it rarely fails to bring an exciting game to my table. :D