Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some paint on the first Wolf Guard Terminator

Hey all,

Well, I got a little paint on the first termie... MAN, they are INTRICATE to paint!  What a pain in the ass.  I guess I hadn't really thought about it, and there is a lot of careful painting that needs doing if you want to retain ANY type of black line.  Yikes.

So far staying VERY gray... not sure I will add any more color to this guy, but he might need a spot of yellow or something.  I sort of like the idea of all gray, however... more "armor" like.  We'll see.

After looking at them the next morning, I am afraid that the highlight is too light, compared to the main of the plates.  Uh oh.  Will I have to repaint the whole damn thing?  Hm.  Maybe a dip would help tie it together?  Man.  Do I have to repaint all of the plates?  Man.

So.  More detail to go!


Murph said...

Once again, another excellent article. Your blog inspires me so much. I'd like to also let you know that because of your efforts I've listed on my site that you are a winner of the "Stylish Blogger Award"...

Please keep up the good work. I've already decided that when I get the house I want and the game room I will be contacting you for more "details" on how you built yours...


Author said...

Hey Murph!

Sounds good, thanks much! I enjoy your blog quite a bit as well:) Any time you want more info, please just ask!