Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Terminator almost done... and time to make a call on the wolf!


Another Space Wolf terminator is almost done... the chap with the blond hair on the right.  He needs his dullcote (it is AMAZING how weird it looks when they are shiny!) but otherwise, he is about done!  I think he looks pretty sharp.  I want to add or two straw straw-ish tufts to a base, but otherwise, they look pretty good. 

I actually just decided I am redoing the beard of the first figure... I don't like the way it came out.  Might go pure white.  We'll see.

Here is a shot of the guy with the twin claws... I think he turned out pretty good, and I like his beard for the most part.

Two more to go, including the commander... I had actually forgotten my play to put a wolf with a leash on his stand, and assembled him!  Thankfully the pose will still work.  I've got to cut the sword out of his hand, but otherwise I think it will look fine.  Strange; I wasn't looking at the box of the figures, but he came out almost IDENTICAL to the sergeant on the box!  Same head, same pose, same weapons... great minds, I suppose!

I actually just ordered the wolves... went with the Ral Partha pack of wolves, which is FAR more wolves than I need, but what can you do... at least this way I can make sure I have the best post... here is a shot of them.  I think maybe the guy on the back left corner is the one.  If the middle one was facing to his left instead of his right, he'd be perfect, but he isn't.  I guess it really depends... do I want him looking in the same direction that the sergeant is shooting?  Or off to the figures left, at the flank?  Ahhh decisions.  Once the wolves come, I can pick one and then pick which of the two remaining bases works best.

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