Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Found a great post about 25mm wolves!


Check THIS blog entry out... a comparison of about 20 different 25mm / 28mm miniature wolves!

What a find over at 1/72 Multiverse!

Unfortunately, my ideal pick is simply too big... 4 cm or something is probably a bit too big for a 3 cm tall terminator?  It is a shame, because here is one painted up in white, and I think it would look good, pose-wise, with the termies.  And there aren't any that I really adore... maybe the farthest right guy here?  The middle guy here, I like his pose, but he is too small.  What about the guy second from the left in this photo?

Wow, I am having a tough time with this part of the project.  Really hard to make up my mind.

And if anyone reading this thinks they might have an interest is buying these guys when they are done, lemme know!

Ah, found another!  His photo to the right!  From Gamezone Miniatures... I think this guy looks perfect.  Big, but perfect.

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