Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Okay, some parts purchased... thoughs on wolves?

Hey all!

Well, I ordered the Termies just a few minutes ago from the ever-helpful Neal over at the War Store.  I don't know how many more pleasant people there are to talk to when it comes to buying toy soldiers:)

Also, thanks to the BEAUTIFUL suggestions from blog folks (you guys are fast!) I went with this set of bases pictured above from Secret Weapon.  I do feel like a moron that I ordered them first, and then noticed that The War Store had them for several bucks cheaper... *sigh*  That is the price I pay for not being thorough, I guess.  Damn.  Oh well.  Regardless, I think they will look awful sharp!

Now I just need to settle on a wolf... not sure what to do with this!  I posted a few... I am considering this guy to the right, with some filing and green stuff work, but I have no idea how large he is.  Any thoughts?

Thanks for all of the help so far guys!


adeptgamer said...

I can comment on that wolf figure. It is a vampire dire wolf from the DnD plastic minis. I've got a couple and they are nice. But they are "taller" than a human figure. I'd say and inch and a half at the shoulder.

Apathostic said...

Have you tried this site for wolves?


BTW, love your conversion work. Spectacular.


Author said...

Hey man!

Woof, some GREAT wolves! I think they may be on the large side, but I'll give them a look. Thanks!