Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Space Wolf Terminator done!

The first Wolfguard is done!

This guy was my "test figure" to make sure that the color scheme worked, and I had a basing method down... and I think I do.  Unfortunately he is my LEAST favorite of the five Termies, but what can you do:)

Overall very happy with the way he turned out... I dipped the figure to create a sense of cohesion with the armor colors, but NOT the base... don't think it needs it, and want it to have a different "finish" than the figures.  The base turned out pretty cool; thank you for finding them, readers!:)

So!  That is one down... the next is half done... he is a chap with dual Lightning Claws and a flowing red beard.  I think he looks sharp.

BTW, anyone else finding a bit messed up with their photo/text formatting?  Been a MESS recently... some change in code is NOT doing what they think it should be doing. 

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