Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Miniatures project... any thoughts to contribute?

Hey all!

Well, I am going to tackle a project that I've wanted to do for a while, although I am planning to sell it afterwards, so help a brother out, let me know if you are interested!

Anyway... the project is actually going to be a Warhammer 40K set.  Crazy, I know... haven't painted any GW stuff in a LONG time.  Not sure what my last was... maybe the original Terminators?  I even tried to find an image of the box, but I couldn't!  But an over the top sort of figure sort of appeals to me at this moment, and I do enjoy the Nordic theme!

This project will be a single unit of Space Marine Wolf Guard terminators.  Five figures.  I want to do a really sharp job with them, with some modest conversions, and mounted on sculpted resin bases.  The captain will have a wolf on a chain leash that he is leading as well.

First, I have to find these guys for sale as cheap as possible.  I'll check the usual places, but I am sure I'll end up at the War Store.

I actually have to find the bases still... I know I've found some in the past, but now I can't!  I am looking for something sort of runic/celtic ruins looking.  If anyone wants to point me in a direction, that would be great.  For now, I'll google switch:)

I am going to also do a wolf on a chain leash that the captain of the squad is holding.  I am thinking about doing a converted citadel wolf of some sort (although I don't know the range that well) but I might also use this guy.  Or what about this guy?  Wait, maybe this guy?  Hm, this is going to take some thought.  Thoughts?

So.  When I order them I'll post more... very sorry to the historical folks, I'll get back on the proper track soon enough!


catweasel said...

try these very nice. hit the more images button for the 40mm picture.

sonsoftaurus said...

You may be able to find some at a reasonable buy it now price on ebay. If they're all you plan to buy from the Warstore, ebay can wind up cheaper taking shipping into account. If you're including them as part of a bigger order, Warstore probably winds up cheaper.

Lots of base companies. One possibility could be Secret Weapon Miniatures:

Big Jim said...

For the runic bases, Secret Weapon Miniatures makes a set that might work.

Author said...

ey guys!

Cat, those are pretty sharp! They don't look TOTALLY runic to me, but man, they look good...

Sons of Taurus, those are some GREAT bases, that is EXACTLY what I am looking for! Man, great recommendation, thanks! I knew I could trust someone out there to know some cool ones:) Thanks guys, I'll have to give it a bit of thought, but SoT that looks like a winner.

I really am unsure what to do about the wolf... gonna take some looking around, I think.

Author said...

Oh, also... since I think I will be selling these, thought I'd ask... what do you think... winter base, or regular grassed one? I am leaning towards grassed... they'll fit with more armies that way, I would wager.

sonsoftaurus said...

Lots of folks doing Space Wolves do winter bases, so I think you'd be OK either way.

If selling appeal is a big concern, be sure to give one of them the missile launcher, apparently that's a hot choice.

catweasel said...

the cyclone missile launcher that is.