Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Space Wolf Termie assembled (w/out base)

Well, here is the first Space Wolf termie, basically assembled!

I wanted to do a Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield combo because obviously the hammer is an icon of the nordic tradition... so here is this fellow!  I put a tilt plate on the joint of his weapon arm, which would be the more exposed arm, and tried to position him as if he just followed through on a huge shot with Mjolnir there.

I gave him a bit more beard with some green stuff, as I plan to do with a few of the guys... one more guy with a smaller, tighter, square beard, and maybe another flowing one, we'll see.

Anyway... a little more to go on this guy (namely a dagger and a cross on a chain) and, of course, his actual base (please be here soon!)  I am going to angle this guy down a little, and elevate his foot (tried to simulate that in the pose) on some stone.

Please don't miss the last post also, where I solicit advice about the load out for the rest of these boys!

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