Monday, December 6, 2010

Some more work done on the Potter display base...

Hey all!

Well, I started working again on the Harry Potter display base... now that the figures are on their way (got the tracking number and everything!) I figure I should get the base done!

So, I had a little crap work to do with this stuff... I had to paint the edges of the foamcore so I can paint them and so that I can spray them with a shot of matte varnish to dull the floor door... I also went ahead and filed down the LEDs for the fire, and then drilled out the base of the fireplace and strung them through and glued them down.  I also built a small base of firewood to help cover the LEDs in the fireplace... gonna give them a nice shot of black, and then a little white and grey, and they should be ready to go!

I also went ahead and varnished and glued on the stone wall fronts... I think that they look MUCH better now, with the heavy wash of dip... nice and dark!

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