Saturday, December 4, 2010

Harry and Co. are finished... and painting black


The Christmas present is done!:)

Soaps sent over this shot (along with a dozen others... there is something SO satisfying about working with someone who is thorough and complete when they email... every question answered, ideas proposed, and fresh questions asked... yes please!) this morning after an evening (or early early morning) of work!  I think they look fantastic... now I just have to do them justice with a paint job!

I am a touch nervous about two bits of the painting process with these guys.

First, Harry's glasses.  I am a big believer that, when it comes to heroes, you need to be able to look them in the eyes.  I am nervous about painting Harry's glasses and eyes well!

More importantly, I am nervous about all that black!  I've found that I tend to struggle with large areas of black... it always ends up looking too gray.  What do folks think of lightening black with a touch of dark BLUE, rather than a white?  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Anyway... they are done and will be posted over soon.  As someone mentioned they weren't cheap, but it is totally worth it... plus, the wife and I agreed (she without knowing what the gift even is) that it would be the ONLY gift either of us give to each other, with the exception of some socks and underwear that I need... as I said to her, I sort of have everything I need in life, so I'd rather get her something special:)

So, come on back soon to see the progress on the base for the figures, and of course to see them once they get here and I start to paint them up!


Dan said...

I believe some people highlight with a mixture of black and turquoise. I've never done this myself however, so I have no idea how well it works.

sirlarkins said...

Those look great! Good luck with the glasses...

I'd highly recommend using blue to achieve black highlights. Look at how old four-color comics handled highlights in Wonder Woman's hair, for example--blue. I also use blue for shading folds on large expanses of white drapery.

scotty said...

you could try aither a dark green or purple mixed with black. Kev Dalimore did some articles for Wargames illustrated painting nazgul and they looked very effective

WarRaptor said...

Wow - those look amazing. Cant wait to come back to see the painting progress

Josiah Martin said...

Very nice! I can't wait to see them painted up and on your great looking base!

Coyote said...

It's not the color of the highlight that matters, it's where you put it. I find people tend to highlight black too much. If the surface is glossy it should have a few bright highlights with lots of contrast. If it is matte it should have low contrast, broad highlights.

Anthony said...

im just now reading your blog, but i have to say first, your game room is Great!

Author said...

Hey all!

Thanks for the advice... we'll see if I EVER get a chance to paint them:(

Anthony, I'm glad you found the blog! I hope you can waste a LOT of hours skimming through it, the same as I've wasted LOTS of hours skimming through some of the great websites that are out there!