Monday, December 20, 2010

The morons at the Royal Mail destroy Christmas

Whelp, thank you, Royal Mail!

My wife's main (and almost ONLY Christmas gift) despite being shipped on DECEMBER 6, will not be here for Christmas.

No idea why... I have read there was some bad weather in England, but bad weather should not account for a three week shipping time.  Plus I've heard plenty of mail has gotten through, and that more RECENT mail is being delivered in mere days, while older mail is just sitting on shelves.

Oh, and forget tracking; it doesn't work.  And their Customer Help Page?  Forget it.

My guess is they are just incompetent schmucks.

I am really, really angry about this.  I was a moron for not asking for the gift to be shipped with an actual service like FedEx... government mail is a joke... you cannot really trust them at all.  I am so upset that I didn't think of this... I've been thinking about/working on elements of the gift since early November, and it just sucks to know that Christmas morning will come and go with nothing except an itunes gift card and a copy of the film "Inception" to give the wife.

So damn upset by this.


WarRaptor said...

Aw man - sorry to hear it Lord Ashram. That is really sucky.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

The Post office is OK (there I said it..!) but they can't do anything about delivering stuff if their lorries and such like can't get round... I know it's frustrating.... This is the worst winter in Britain since 1962, overnight temperatures are regularly dropping into double minus figures, my dad lives in Scotland, he hasn't been able to drive his car in almost 3 weeks now, Heathrow (that's the one you'll be interested in) and Gatwick have been shut for two days - trust me Fedex aren't going anywhere either....

I know... it doesn't help... :o(

Author said...

Yeah, it is just SO frustrating... the package was put in the post WEEKS ago, and STILL there is no way to track it... it has said the same thing on the tracking for weeks... the package has been passed on to the US for delivery. And then on the US side it says it hasn't left England yet. Neither side seems to know what the hell they are doing.

So, so, so frustrating:(

Author said...

Sorry, meant to say that at least with a real company I'd have a way to find out where the package is, and to talk to someone. With the Royal Mail, forget it.

God, it was SUPER expensive too... if it straight up disappears I will be so goddamned upset:(

Dan said...

I know how you feel mate, most of the gifts I bought online haven't arrived, but one of my brothers' gift to me arrived after three days.

Royal Mail are just crap.

BigLee said...

I have little good to say of Royal Mail even in good weather. Their useless at the best of times. However the winter here has been harsher than normal, and we've only just got started. The level of disruption caused seems disproportionate to amount of snow that has fallen.

I'm British, therefore I like to moan about the weather. But even I'm getting fed up with icy roads filled with idiots, high streets filled with panic stricken shoppers and a postal system filled with excuses.

Author said...

I have not heard great things about the Royal Post... I think with many government organizations you are in trouble... it just sucks because there is NO info out there, and as an American there is no way to GET any info without an expensive, overseas call that I know will result in a $60 chance to be on hold or talking to a computer for 20 minutes. At least with a real company I could get some info.

So, so, so, so frustrated that the work was done and now it is all because the Royal Mail cannot deliver a package in under 3 weeks... although apparently if you mailed a package AFTER mine got mailed it could get through in mere days.

Incompetent assholes.