Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some 15mm Cowboy civilians, and a neat Christmas gift!

Howdy all!

Well, on a snow-bound night, I thought I'd get a little painting done... namely, these 15mm Old West civilians for a buddy of mine... I asked to paint five cowboys and he required that I paint five civis along with them:)  So be it!

Overall I think they turned out nicely... really, I've found with these guys that basically I just need to go through scorched brown, bestial brown, snakebite leather, and then grey and bleached bone... and that's it.  Back in those days you wouldn't have too many crazy colors... I limit the brighter colors to the occasional bandana, and of course the lady's dress in this shot.

All they need now is dip, and basing, and they are done.

Also, a neat Christmas gift, from my wife's best friend (who is a SWELL lass!)... a $25 gift card to Battlefield Terrain Concepts!  Good stuff!  I'll have to think about how to get the most out of it... any suggestions?


Big Jim said...

Looking good!

Who makes the cowboys and civilians that you've been showing. They are quite nifty and old west in 15mm would be cool.

Author said...

Hey Jim!

I believe they are Blue Moon... here is a link...

They are really great; QUICK as heck to paint up, and they look sharp!

Big Jim said...

Thanks for pointing me in Bluemoons direction. They make all sorts of great 15's in genres that I like!

I'll definitely be picking up some of the Old West and French Indian war minis.

Thanks again!