Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mail from Sweden, and a miniature give-away!

Howdy all!

Well, I just got in the mail a package from Sweden... the plastic owl that a kind gent had sent this way, gratis, for the Harry Potter display!  Truly a case of a wargamer taking care of another wargamer!

So, to try to pass on that spirit, I'm going to have a little "contest" here for a free mini or two!

Here is the story:

You can pick one or two miniatures from the three pictures I've included in this post.  It is a selection of Foundry Napoleonic Russian officers, a pair of Perry British French officers, and a host of Old Glory French marshals.  Maybe limit it to one mounted figure, since they will cost more to send:)  You just post in the comments section what you would use the figures for, and I'll pick one person and send it your way!

I'll give it maybe a week or so:)

Anyway... if there is anything you want from the photos, just drop me a comment and tell me why... for a diorama, to fill out a unit, to use as a break from Space Marines... lemme know!

And thanks again to my Swedish benefactor!


DeanM said...

I think the pair of officers in the last photo are actually Frenchmen. Anyway, those would be a great addition to lead the Victrix & Perry Frenchmen I already have.

BTW, it looks like three tiny painted soldiers at attention to the right of the hat of the one marshal figure without identification tab. Interesting.


Baconfat said...

Lord Ashram,

Oooo, I hope posting first helps me win. I would love one of those Perry British officers, mostly because I'm working on my second box on Perry British plastics and I like diversity.

My wife saw my 2010 purchased/painted log (posted on my awful blog) and realized how many army men I've bought. She cut me off for the rest of the year. I can't believe how foolish I was to put that kind of info anywhere she could see it. I'll trick her though, I'll simply doctor the purchase numbers for my 2011 painting log.

In return, I'll send you a plastic officer he would replace, if you'd like.


Author said...


Yep they are French, just a brainfart:)

And yes, those are some tiny little soldiers... part of a project... I'll see if I can find other photos:)

Author said...

Ah, sorry Bacon, I had mistyped; they are French officers:( Sorry... just based on your name you would have won!:D

Baconfat said...

Those are tiny little soldiers!

Author said...

Yeah, here are some shots of some slightly larger figures...

The Belgian, said...

I would love the falling French soldier an the most left french officer in the second picture.

Why to get me back motivated and paint my further perry plastic french which seems to take my forever and for a student free miniatures are always welcome!


arthur1815 said...

I'm working on a version of Cluedo set on Saint Helena [J'accuse Count Montholon, in the kitchen with the bottle of arsenic...], so any standing French Marshal or officer in casual pose would make a great playing piece!
But where can I find a 28mm Betsey Balcombe?