Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Latest work on 10mm Napoleonic Spanish buildings...

Well, here is the latest on my 10mm Napoleonic Spanish buildings... and now I have to take a break:)

I am doing two new farmsteads, one totally enclosed (and having a church in it...)  The other is a large farm building with some open walls... I will finish it with hedge.  I plan to do a veggie garden in the open space in the center.

In addition, I did a small orchard, using the same walls... I spaced the trees apart enough that a stand of infantry will fit between the trees.  Overall I think it will be a good looking piece.

I also did two wall sections that I can use along roads and the like... I figure that I can put a piece of bush or something in between them and whatever I am connecting them to.

I went ahead and also plastered them in, and sanded the paths... tomorrow I'll sand them down and spraypaint them.

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