Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Any English readers willing to make a phone call for me?:)

Hey all!

Well, the Harry Potter present still hasn't arrived, and I am starting to get AWFUL nervous... it was shipped a week and a half ago, and the system doesn't seem able to track it... if Soapy doesn't get my email (his spam blocker is too powerful at times) would anyone be interested in calling Royal Post and asking them where the heck my package is?:)


WarRaptor said...

I hear bomb threats always work

Lee said...


I'm in the UK and a follower of your blog. Do you have a tracking number/code for your parcel? UK mail has been badly disrupted by recent heavy snowfalls and we are experiencing delays in deliveries over here. If I can be of any help please email me:

This may help too:

I hope it arrives for you in time for Christmas.


Author said...

Hey Lee!

Thanks for the offer... Soapy actually is looking into it (I was nervous that he might not get my email... his email keeps "blocking" my mails as spam) but I do appreciate the offer! Fingers crossed...:)