Friday, December 17, 2010

GodDAMN Royal Post bullcrap!

Man... f'ing Royal Post.  Harry and Co. still have not shown up after two weeks, and seem like they haven't even LEFT England yet... this is SO disappointing... I totally am not going to have a Christmas gift for my wife:(

It is such a shame, too... if only we had JUST used a company like FedEx this wouldn't be an issue.  Stupid English postal service... from what I've found online, there are TONS of packages just sitting around England that were posted WEEKS ago, but now the NEW stuff is being delivered... what a clusterfuck.

Would love to go beat a few folks in the face for this... I cannot STAND incompetence, especially when it is going to make my wife have a bare Christmas:(


sonsoftaurus said...

The whole system's run by Muggles; what do you expect? ;-)

Sorry you're having such problems - great project, and I'm sure the missus will be thrilled with the final outcome, regardless of the date. The important thing is the care and attention you put into this gift for her. Years from now she'll still have it and a few weeks difference from years ago won't matter.

Dan said...

I'm very sorry to hear that mate. I waited six months for a package to arrive once, but it wasn't as important as yours.

sirlarkins said...

I once shipped a package of painted miniatures to the UK and it sat in customs for, like, two months. I think the postal service over there has a grudge against miniatures or think they're potential terrorist devices or something.

I'm an optimist at heart, so I'll hold out for a holiday miracle that the figures will arrive in time for Christmas.

BigLee said...

I live in London and the Royal Mail can't deliver post to the other side of the city in less than a week. And that's on a normal, snow free, week. In Victorian times there were 5 posts a day in the city... now they can barely manage once per day.

It would be quicker to send mail via an asthmatic carrier pigeon.