Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Harry Potter display base JJUUUSST about done!

Hey all!

Well, it is late, and I am tired, but here she is!

So, last questions for you all...

1)  Should I use the telescope by the window, or does it clutter things up?

2) Should I use the book stand under the oval portrait, or does it clutter things up?

3)  Where should the Maurauders Map go?  On the floor?

Any help welcome!  I'll have the box done tomorrow (hit a setback) or this weekend... got the big holiday party coming up, and I'll be a bit busy!:)


sirlarkins said...

1) Telescope by the window.

2) Bookstand under the portrait would look cluttered.

3) Could you put the map on the seat or over the arm of the chair? Having it next to the cloak would suggest plans to set out on (or having just returned from) a midnight venture.

Josiah Martin said...

Wow. It's really come together nicely!

WarRaptor said...

Oh man - that looks GREAT. Im afraid I totally disagree with sirlarkins!!! I think the telescope would clutter, the bookstand looks good, and I like the map on the floor!!! Either way though, I dont think you can go wrong...

Author said...



Okay, I'll try this... I'll put in both and each and maybe take a photo to compare... it is tough, because while I love all the pieces, I also don't want it over-cluttered... also, the book stand and the telescope both have their own "bases" and so don't quite fit in with the look of the scene... I'll put up both so you can see.

I like the idea of the map on the chair, or on the floor right next to it, with the "story" behind it of a nighttime expedition... I'll give that a try to see how it looks.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys, I appreciate it!