Thursday, December 30, 2010

Harry, Ron, and Hermione all painted... now to dipping!

Okay, the trio is done!

I had to do a mockup of the Gryffindor patch on their robes... I think they turned out pretty good.  I didn't want to get TOO detailed... just enough to suggest the patch.

Hermione really came out especially awesome... it is hard to see the colors as they look in real life in the photos, but the face just looks EXACTLY like Emma Wastson... it came out great.  Ron looks pretty darned good too, although a bit serious maybe, and Harry looks much better now that I painted around the arms of his glasses more tightly... it makes them look thinner and more wire-rimmed... they looked a bit chunky before, and made him look more like Elvis Costello.

Now they are going into the dip... then a few days of drying, the matte varnish, onto the stands, the wife's gift is DONE! 

I really wish I could get it ready for New Years Eve, but realistically I don't think they will be dry in time... what can you do.

I've actually painted up a few crappy figures in similar colors to use as test dummies for the varnish... I am NOT losing these guys if I can help it.

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