Monday, November 8, 2010

Some help needed...

Hey all!

Well, picked out some of the interior stuff for the display base I've been talking about.  It is supposed to be the inside of a castle, comfortably furnished.

So!  Now I am stuck... which sheets do I use for each thing?

Okay, above is Wall Option 1.  It is a more random, field-stone sort of pattern.  Unfortunately I did not put a figure in for scale; if I should, just tell me.  The stones are NOT that big, which is the main thing that holds me back... they would use BIG stones for a castle, no?

Here is Wall Option 2.  These are, technically, cinderblocks, and therefore modern, but they are a good bit larger than the stones above.  Plus, I think castles are built using regular blocks, not stone like a house.

Okay... because option 1 was KILLING it, and because I am honestly worried about scale with option 1 for a CASTLE wall, I am including this scale shot of a 25mm Perry figure along with both.

A shot of a castle wall, with a strange lady sitting in front of it...

On to the floors!

Here is Floor Option 1.  These are smaller, rounded stones.  Good for a castle?

Floor Option 2.  This is actually a paperish sheet of hardwood design.  Not as nice, maybe, as planking it with balsa, but it has a nice grain and color AND is a bit easier... I am not sure that you would even be able to tell when all is said and done.

Floor Option 3.  Actually doing the floorboards out of balsa.  More work for sure, especially when I have to plank round bases, and I am not sure the textures will look nice.

Anyway... I am putting a POLL up on my blog, so if you folks can give me some help, I would TRULY appreciate it!

Below, btw, is Wall Option 2 and Floor Option 2.


catweasel said...
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catweasel said...

Out of curiosity what brand and scale is the plastic sheet? I've tried using paper sheets before but have come up against problems with getting the tone of the paper to match what i can paint(or vice versa).

Chris said...

I would go with the stone and not the cinder block for the walls and the planking for the floor...

Author said...

Hey Cat!

I am not sure... hold on, let me check:)

Plastruct O scale. So far they have worked pretty well:)

Chris, thank you for the suggestion!