Sunday, November 21, 2010

The portraits for the Harry Potter display case

Hey all!

Well, got five paintings done.  I think I'll do one more, although I have to figure out what the topic should be.   Clockwise, starting with the right... the big one is Dumbledore asleep... the portrait came from after he died.  Then there is a copy of an actual painting we have on our wall.  Next is a shot of Harry's parents, taken from one of the movies.  The oval frame is The Fat Lady, who guards the entrance into the Gryffindor Tower.  The last one is a portrait from the Uffizi that I thought simply looked right.

I have one more of the smaller rectangle frames that I'll probably do a picture for... I feel like seeing all of these paintings together looks great; very Harry Potter, so I want as many as I can get:)  I am not sure if I'll pick a Harry Potter themed one (which can be tricky) or if, instead, I will just find a decent painting from history.

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