Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some 15mm Cowboy buildings

Hey all!

Well, hot on the heels of some REAL Western firearms, here come the first few shots of my buddy's 15mm Western setup!

Now, if you have ever seen any of his stuff, you will know... he does it up BIG.  He never just casually gets into a collection; instead, he just goes out and buys a LOT.  And it is always good.

So, the latest thing he wanted to do was a 15mm Wild West table.  He promptly went out and got cowboys, civilians, indians, buildings, a fort, several hundred trees, mountains, a train, animals, and about a thousand other little things.

He started work on it all (which his 25mm ACW stuff is still on the table) and I thought I'd show a few pictures of his first two or three weeks of work!

The first two shots are about half of his buildings... he got all of the Blue Moon sets, and a few others.  The interiors so far are basic; he did cardboard versions of the inside windows and doors.  He DOES have furniture for everything, but that will likely wait.  They aren't COMPLETELY done yet, as the windows haven't been done (they will likely have writing and stuff on them) but this is basically how they will look!

The last shot is actually some of the mountains he made.  The idea is the table will go from mountains/forest to forest to plains.  The mountains are a mix of prebought foam mountains that he then attached to Christmas Tree store "stone" display stands.  You can see the last remaining unfinished mountain in the corner.  A LOT of foam work, and they basically melded together!  The ones with the flat areas will be perform for mining areas and gang hideouts.

Anyway... he rarely takes photos (he doesn't have a really good camera) and he rarely updates the blog, so at least here is a peak until he does!

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Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Nice looking buildings...look well made