Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moving along on the project

Hey all!

Well, above is the latest... the walls are not glued down or anything, and I still have some work to do...

Plus, I am a bit stuck on a few bits... for example, how do I secure the ends of all the foamcore?  I am thinking I will paint the ends with a sand paint I have, and then paint it gray.  I also have to build the outsides in the back... do I do THESE out of foamcore also?  Or do I line the inside of the plastic box with simple black paper?  Oh man... so man questions.

The floor, I think, looks okay.  Drying it warped something FIERCE, but it looks like it isn't all that noticeable... I think:D

CRAP.  I fucked up.  Just realized... when I put the top pieces on, the plastic rock walls should go up to meet the top.  The ones I cut are too short by the width of a piece of foamcore.  Shit.  Now I have to recut the blocks.  Damn.

So.  That's it.  Now I am going to undercoat the walls and unpainted stuff (fireplace, logs) black.

I also will have a bunch of stuff leftover... wizard study stuff... I'll post what it is later, and if folks want to buy it...?

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