Friday, November 26, 2010

Some help from Finland!

Hey all!

Well, I was looking for an owl to use in the Harry Potter display base that I am working on for the wife... it is a surprisingly hard thing to find!  There were a few pointed out to me over on TMP, but I wasn't THRILLED with them... they are all a bit small and "wimpy" looking.

However, then someone pointed out the owl in the center of this shot, from the Warhammer Dryads boxed set... and THEN said they had an extra and would mail it to me!

And where is this person mailing it from?


And yes, free of charge:)

Anyway... it is really awesome that someone would do such a thing for a fellow gamer... so thank you so very much!  I'll have to pay this forward somehow... is there anyone out there who needs some Perry Napoleonic French Sappeurs or something?:)

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