Monday, November 15, 2010

A first attempt at putting together my 10mm Napoleonic Spanish buildings...

Based on plastic, spackled in, a little sand to give texture to the parts that won't be flocked, put in a few bits of bark for rocks on the back side of the main farmhouse... I hope it looks good when I paint it up!  I will be particularly curious how the sand takes a drybrush... was it really needed, at this scale?  And is the grit too big for this scale?  Oh well, live and learn.

BTW, I am going to flock the tree that is sculpted along the house... some green licheny stuff should work out nicely.

In addition to this, I have a larger church piece, and then a few random little houses.  I am also going to do an orchard, using the walls I have... I would love to do two, but I don't have enough walls.  Lastly, I am going to do a few grape vine covered hills.


Tony said...

Looking good, but I hope you don't mind some tips.

I find that when building terrain around resin buildings you are better to go with a smooth finish - rather than the icing cake style (sorry couldn't think of the right term - please bear with me), then use a mix of uPVA glue, some (very) fine sand - (try sieving cement, it gives a very fine almost powder finish), water and flow improver (a tiny drop of washing-up liquid and paint it on with a stippling action.

the finish is a little more subtle, but paints up well and if you need more texture add more sieved sand!

I also add small stones or small broken slate or shale stones for a really rocky outcrop - you can also use broken cork (wine corks can work in this scale).

Finally small bushes at the side of the buildings can be modelled with Milliput/Green Stuff, just stick a random blob on the side and texture with the pointy end of a cocktail stick, use a jabbing action, paint dark green and then drybrush leaf - green.

I hope that this helps and that you do not mind me passing this on.


Author said...


I can ALWAYS use advice!:D

Absolutely good advice... thank you! I plan to sand it down a bit before working with it... I just did it, so it was still a touch wet:) Interesting idea on the stippling... I may have to give that a try... I think I can still do it on this:)