Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall In 2010: The Purchases

Hey all!

Well, here is my final Fall In post... the purchases!

Now, I had a very small selection of things that needed buying... with the wife's Christmas present taking up all my available "fun" money I knew there was not a lot of wiggle room.

Still, that doesn't mean I bought NOTHING!

First up, the major purchase was a collection of 10mm Spanish buildings from Battlefield Terrain Concepts... namely some Timecast stuff.  This will enable me to do some battlefields in Spain, and frankly will up the table a bit; they are nicely detailed and will look good.

I also bought a few things of Timecast walls to go with my Spanish buildings.  It is a decent amount of wall, with an example of each piece here... they include some ruined wall, walls with a gate, and walls with a small, personal gate.  I am tempted to permanently attach some of them to some sort of base, but let's see what happens.

I also picked up some coarse flock to mix in with my table scatter; it looks pretty good on there right now... it gives the flock a nice "depth."  I also picked up some lances for my 28mm Russian Cavalry... however, I only need a few, so if you are interested in buying the remains off of me, lemme know!

I picked up a few things to read, including a Wargames Illustrated (maybe not a smart purchase... there are no eras I am interested in in it) and Sharp Practice (maybe also not a smart purchase, as I probably won't play it, and I hadn't seen before that there are no photos!  Oh well, live and learn.)

Last up I picked up a few packs of furniture from a vendor... I don't remember who, but I did think that one of the guys who worked there was a bit rude.  Anyway, I picked these two packs up to decorate the display base for the Harry Potter figures I am getting for my wife for Christmas.  I still have some more pieces coming, including a telescope, some more shelves, a fireplace, and a bunch of frames for the portraits on the walls.

So... that's it!  As I said, not a huge spending Fall In, as there wasn't a ton that I really needed for current projects, but still, fun as always!


Gunfreak said...

WHAT!! you can't use your British and French 10mm for Spanish battles, they are for waterloo, the uniforms are all wrong, you'll destroy the world if you try and fake it.

Just kidding.

Author said...

*laugh* Dude, I've never been very good at the whole "historical accuracy" bit. Folks should just be thankful I'm not preparing an Austrian army to go marching through the Spanish countryside!

Victor said...

The Sharps Practice Rule set is very good and a lot of fun. You should give them a try.

Author said...

I would play them, but honestly I don't really have many folks to wargame with!:) I suppose I could play against myself... are the rules okay for that?

Chris said...

SP are great rules for solo play. most of the games I have played have been solo games.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Are the NOrth Star wire spears the ones with the leaf shaped tip or just the pointy end? If the former, I'd be interested in the remainders.


Author said...

Hey Fritz,

They are the pointing ones; no blade, sorry:(