Saturday, November 27, 2010

First photos of Harry and Co...

Hey all!

Well, Soapy sent along these first few shots of the work on the boy wizard and his pals... and holy moly.  I am so impressed.  It is really amazing to see what skilled hands can do with an idea... and I am so jealous!:)  If I could do that, I'd have an entire Usagi Yojimbo set done, and then a set based on my buddy's comic book Wok-Man... oh man, the possibilities would be endless:D

But for now, here are some shots for folks to check out!  At the top is Harry, obviously reacting to a baddy and whipping out his wand to fire.  Hermione is to the left... she will be reading a book, and have over her shoulder her little pack of books, scrolls, and the like.  Ron is to the right; he is currently missing his back arm, in which he'll be holding a broom.

Overall I think they look AMAZING so far, and I know my wife will really love them.  I feel like I should be including my first-born in the payment, but I am not so sure Soapy would want him... whenever he comes around, that is:)

As for other parts of the project... a SUPER kind gent from Finland actually offered to mail over to me an owl that he has left over from a Warhammer kit... SUCH a kind offer!  That guy will get a coat of white paint and be made into Hedwig the owl.  I am currently thinking of a way to "pay it forward," and keep coming back to three or four Perry French Napoleonic Sappeurs I have lying around that I'll never use... maybe someone out there can us them?  Also, after getting a recommendation from Steve The Wargamer I found a FANTASTIC LED set that makes a "flickering fire" effect, so the fireplace will have an actual fire in it!  Exciting stuff:)  Oh, and I gave the walls and fireplace a nice wash of Dip, and HOLY cow they look FANTASTIC... AMAZING what a difference it made... they just look so dark and realistic now.  I am very pleased with it.

Anyway, more info as stuff gets done... thanks for coming by!


Baconfat said...

Lord Ashram,

Please reproduce these in lead and sell them to me.

Author said...


I am afraid to report they are not for production or sale... I am sorry!:)

I do hope you enjoy them though! Oh, and I very much approve of your user name:)

andrew said...

I hope I am leaving this comment in the best place! I just spent an enjoyable half hour with my jaw open looking at your terrain table painted figs and your WAR ROOM.

I am stunned. Also the steak was great looking too : )

Keep up the good work I will be sure to stop by again! If you still looking to offload your sappeurs I would be very pleased t take them off your hands I have been looking for one or two historic figs to paint as a change from Space Marines for some time now.

Anyhow hope that didnt come across as on the nose!

Andrew - NZ